River Protection

Help protect our river!
The Pollution Hotline 0800 807060 Office Hours 028 92 623240
Sewage spill in DraperstownUnfortunately the Moyola River has like many rivers, suffered for many years from pollution.
Although attitudes are changing with the increased threat of global warming, there still remains much to be done at a local level.
The Moyola and District Angling Association would urge every angler both local and visiting as well as walkers and ramblers to report any incidents of pollution which they come across.
Pollution takes many forms; sewage, slurry, dumped fridges and household materials and potatoes.
Moyola anglers Seamus Donnelly and Ciaran Bradley with rotting potatoes which extract oxygen from the river.
Anyone who finds pollution should, where possible take a picture on their phone and contact the pollution hotline.
The Pollution Hotline 0800 807060
The Douglas river in particular has been targeted by fly-tippers who use this Moyola tributary to dump household waste.
Household rubbish dumped into the Douglas River at the Seven Arches Bridge It has also suffered from gravel extraction, damaging salmon spawning beds, at the Seven Arches Bridge on the Cloane Road outside Draperstown. The club would appeal to all members to keep a vigilant eye to help eradicate this on-going problem.
Report pollution and email any pictures to, protection@moyolaangling.com
The Pollution Hotline 0800 807060